Former White House political adviser Paige Willey delivers a relentless deep dive into the current American condition. Drawing on her experience in Washington, she studies the dysfunction facing our country and outlines the way forward to restore our nation’s promise. Paige believes the great questions of our time will not be resolved with talking points and platitudes. THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY gets straight to the heart of the matter. Politics and strategy will be studied. The corrupt and craven ruling class will be skewered. Our degraded economy, society and culture will be scrutinized. Why? Because the American ethos has always been to believe a better way is possible—then to make it happen. Americans deserve a champion. The promise of our nation is slipping away. It’s time to build the great American revival. Subscribe, leave a review, and rate 5 stars if you enjoyed THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY. Be sure to follow Paige on Twitter @midwesterneur.

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Monday Nov 21, 2022

Paige interviews historian and author Victor Davis Hanson about the difficulties of achieving historical consensus in the era of a propaganda press, the policies that triggered the transformation of “Mexifornia,” and more far-reaching threads running through American politics.      SHOW NOTES

Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

Paige reviews the underappreciated structural factors and predictable messaging failures that explain GOP underperformance in the midterm elections. These issues all must be addressed for Republicans to perform adequately in the future, but long-standing complacency and malpractice by the GOP party apparatus shows they do not appreciate or understand what it takes to win.    SHOW NOTES   Paige’s Post-Mortem Election Analysis on Substack:

Monday Nov 07, 2022

Paige interviews Mollie Hemingway about past and continued threats to election integrity including an unscrupulous intelligence bureaucracy, electioneering disguised as “charitable giving,” the hyperpartisan role of the media and big tech, and more. 

Monday Oct 24, 2022

Paige interviews Chronicles Magazine senior writer and associate editor Pedro Gonzalez about the specific developments used to put immigration policy out of reach of voter recourse for decades, despite growing costs and difficulties for taxpayers, states, and localities across the nation. This episode reviews the critical decision points in the past half-century of immigration policies including the 1986 Immigration and Control Act, Plyler v. Doe, and California’s 1994 Prop. 187 and more.   Show Notes:  

Monday Oct 17, 2022

Paige interviews Dr. Stanley Goldfarb about the growing trend of "anti-racism" ideology and "medical reparations" activism compromising education in medical schools and undermining healthcare, and the efforts by his organization "Do No Harm" to fight back in court against the destructive, discriminatory practices.   Show Notes:   New York’s Race-Based Preferential COVID Treatment   Vermont To Give Minority Residents Vaccine Priority   “It’s Time To Scrap The MCAT: Why Doing Away With The Test Would Be One Step Toward Improving Diversity In Medicine.”   Boston-Area Hospital To Offer Preferential Care Based on Race   University of Minnesota medical students swear an oath to "honor all indigenous ways of healing"   "Keep Politics Out Of The Doctor's Office" by Stanley Goldfarb   NY Post: UPenn Doctor: "Anti-Racist" Policies Are Wrecking American Medicine   Do No Harm

Monday Oct 10, 2022

While Biden’s open borders doctrine is portrayed as a humanitarian imperative, Jorge Ventura’s reporting on the front lines reveals the horrors: tiny towns overwhelmed with dead bodies, low-income counties exploited for scarce public services, and an endless pipeline for drug smuggling and human trafficking.

Monday Sep 26, 2022

Paige interviews Richard Hanania about his data-driven research across numerous topics including affirmative action, the weaponization of mandated "diversity," corruption and ineptitude in American foreign policy, the tyranny of politicized experts, and his recent self-imposed exile from Twitter in protest of the company’s censorship policy.   Show Notes: Affirmative Action As A Magic Bullet: How Reagan Almost Crushed Wokeness: Woke Institutions Is Just Civil Rights Law: ‘Just Trust The Experts,” We’re Told. Maybe We Shouldn’t:   Follow Richard Hanania: -Substack: -Twitter:   Follow Paige Willey: -Substack: -Twitter:    

Monday Sep 12, 2022

What do you call it when a country’s leaders write off whole segments of voters as unworthy of representation, relegating them to welfare dependency, drug use, or political exile? Modern Age Editor Daniel McCarthy calls it "palliative liberalism:" pushing superficial "compassionate" solutions to relieve pain (and reduce backlash) without addressing the cause of the condition. Eventually, this doctrine can succeed in disenfranchising and eliminating political resistance altogether.   In this interview, Paige and Dan discuss urgent priorities for the conservative movement to counter the decline, including fitting advantageous “culture war” issues into a more substantial policy agenda, reviving traditional American standards of self governance, and more effectively building on Trump-movement populism.   SHOW NOTES: The Conservative Affirmation, with foreword by Daniel McCarthy: "A New Conservative Agenda" by Daniel McCarthy: Canada's Euthanasia Policies: "Harm Reduction" Policies: Washington Post Says "Systemic Racism" To Blame in Jackson, Miss. Water Crisis:  

Friday Sep 02, 2022

This interview with Former White House CEA Chief Economist Casey Mulligan explores a number of problems created by poorly designed government policy, ranging from publicly-subsidized prescription opioids worsening narcotic addictions and death, to regulation that helps powerful special interests squeeze out competition.   The conversation touches on perverse incentives affecting our trade, energy, immigration, and welfare policy, leading to dysfunctional outcomes for the American people.  This is the second in a series of interviews that Paige will conduct with policy experts who break from the traditional Washington orthodoxy and who offer a variety of solutions that we can consider to revive our country's prosperity and promise.   SHOW NOTES

Friday Aug 26, 2022

“Free trade” globalism is one of the most consequential ideologies of the past century—and a marked departure from the policies that enabled America’s astounding surge in prosperity and industrial accomplishment from the country’s founding to WWII.     How did globalization come to dominate U.S. economic policy? Why did its influence persist despite catastrophic harm to our labor force, industrial base, and international competitiveness? How can we restore pro-American policy in Washington?     Paige interviews former U.S. trade negotiator, presidential advisor, and best-selling author Clyde Prestowitz about his book, “The Betrayal of American Prosperity,” and his front-row seat to history as Washington’s commitment to the “religion of globalization” intensified.   This is the first in a series of interviews that Paige will conduct with policy experts who break from the traditional Washington orthodoxy and who offer a variety of solutions that we can consider to revive our country's prosperity and promise.

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