Friday Aug 26, 2022

#019 | How Globalization Ate The American Economy (Featuring Clyde Prestowitz)

“Free trade” globalism is one of the most consequential ideologies of the past century—and a marked departure from the policies that enabled America’s astounding surge in prosperity and industrial accomplishment from the country’s founding to WWII.
How did globalization come to dominate U.S. economic policy? Why did its influence persist despite catastrophic harm to our labor force, industrial base, and international competitiveness? How can we restore pro-American policy in Washington?
Paige interviews former U.S. trade negotiator, presidential advisor, and best-selling author Clyde Prestowitz about his book, “The Betrayal of American Prosperity,” and his front-row seat to history as Washington’s commitment to the “religion of globalization” intensified.
This is the first in a series of interviews that Paige will conduct with policy experts who break from the traditional Washington orthodoxy and who offer a variety of solutions that we can consider to revive our country's prosperity and promise.

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