Monday Sep 12, 2022

#021 | How To Revive America From Managed Decline & ”Palliative Liberalism” (Featuring Daniel McCarthy)

What do you call it when a country’s leaders write off whole segments of voters as unworthy of representation, relegating them to welfare dependency, drug use, or political exile? Modern Age Editor Daniel McCarthy calls it "palliative liberalism:" pushing superficial "compassionate" solutions to relieve pain (and reduce backlash) without addressing the cause of the condition. Eventually, this doctrine can succeed in disenfranchising and eliminating political resistance altogether.


In this interview, Paige and Dan discuss urgent priorities for the conservative movement to counter the decline, including fitting advantageous “culture war” issues into a more substantial policy agenda, reviving traditional American standards of self governance, and more effectively building on Trump-movement populism.



The Conservative Affirmation, with foreword by Daniel McCarthy:

"A New Conservative Agenda" by Daniel McCarthy:

Canada's Euthanasia Policies:

"Harm Reduction" Policies:

Washington Post Says "Systemic Racism" To Blame in Jackson, Miss. Water Crisis:


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